Olivia Moore – Violin
Maria Jard­ar­dot­tir- Voice
Jim Faulkner — Elec­tric Guitar
Gavin Barras – Bass
John Ball – Indian San­toor and Tabla
Adam Warne – Egyp­tian Per­cus­sion

Unfurl is a five-piece whose music expands across con­tin­ents, com­bin­ing Indian Ragas, fla­menco and Arabic music with impro­visa­tion to create an ori­gin­al sound ran­ging from the dra­mat­ic to the sub­lime.

Unfurl have been enthu­si­ast­ic­ally received at numer­ous Jazz fest­ivals across the coun­try, includ­ing Manchester, Marsden, Marl­bor­ough, Brecon, Gateshead and London Jazz Fest­ivals as well as in numer­ous clubs and theatre venues across the coun­try.

In 2013 they were awar­ded a tour­ing grant from “Jazz North” which allowed them to devel­op their mater­i­al for a vocal­ist as well. The aim of the band is to bring togeth­er all our indi­vidu­al influ­ences to create music which is ori­gin­al.

Adam Warne has been play­ing drums and per­cus­sion for over thirty years. Whilst he has stud­ied vari­ous forms of per­cus­sion, in Unfurl, Adam mainly plays his spe­ci­al­ity of Egyp­tian per­cus­sion, with the riq and dar­buka, all with his char­ac­ter­ist­ic spon­taneity and pas­sion.

Jim Faulkner, is an extremely accom­plished gui­tar­ist, having stud­ied con­tem­por­ary clas­sic­al music, world music, min­im­al­ism and free impro­visa­tion and played with many renowned musi­cians. Jim brings his extens­ive exper­i­ence of per­form­ing modern Jazz and impro­visa­tion.

Gavin Barras is cur­rently one of the most in demand bass play­ers in the North West, reg­u­larly tour­ing inter­na­tion­ally with his own groups. Gavin brings he infec­tious enthu­si­asm to the band.

John Ball has been per­form­ing Indian music for the last fif­teen years play­ing the tabla and the 100 stringed san­toor accom­pa­ny­ing sit­ar­ists, vocal­ists and dan­cers from the UK and abroad. He is the mas­ter­mind behind many of the more com­plex per­cus­sion solos and breaks in Unfurl’s mater­i­al.

Maria Jard­ar­dot­tir is a ver­sat­ile and dynam­ic Nor­we­gi­an Vocal­ist who has spe­cial­ised in Jazz and Drupad singing. She was a strong force on the Leeds world music scene for the last 15 years and has toured inter­na­tion­ally with her “All girl Vocal group” The Royst Trio. In the UK, she has played at venues such as the. Vortex Jazz Club and at the Queen Eliza­beth Hall.

See the Unfurl web­site at http://​unfurl​.me​.uk