Moore herself can obviously play the violin with great dexterity, but for the most part she used it with economy and for this she must be credited; although this was her project, this was a group effort musically and it shows her maturity as a leader that she gave so much space to others involved.

Amoghasiddhi CD

Nourished by Indian and jazz traditions, but with an elegance that comes from her classical training, Olivia Moore’s violin has an Eastern tang that is genuinely entrancing.

…her obvious joy in playing swells through her impassioned but restrained violin and offers her audience both an emotional and a cerebral fulfilment.

This debut recording from Manchester based violist Olivia Moore is bustling with ideas and influences. A fusion album, in the traditional sense, Moore combines elements of classical Indian music, British folk and even Nordic jazz, to produce something altogether fresh and cosmopolitan.

— Chris Ackerley, the Sound of Now/Jazzwise