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Album: Owl

The Owl Ensemble is a seven-piece comĀ­prisĀ­ing a string quarĀ­tet with a jazz trio, blendĀ­ing layers of rhythmic patĀ­terns and soarĀ­ing melodĀ­ies, described as inventĀ­ive and subĀ­vertĀ­ing clasĀ­sicĀ­al traditions.
ā€˜Owlā€™ was has been played on Jazz FM and most recently by Radio Threeā€™s Jazz Line-up. A review in The BritĀ­ish Jazz Blog hailed Olivia as a [ā€¦]

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Album: Amoghasiddhi

Amoghasiddhi is a Buddha figure who repĀ­resĀ­ents fearĀ­lessĀ­ness and unobĀ­strucĀ­ted sucĀ­cess. This music comĀ­bines Jazz, Indian music and Arabic Rhythms. It is inspired by nature and by Buddhist ideals. Many of the tunes are in fact named after Buddha figĀ­ures or conĀ­cepts. At the Manchester Jazz FestĀ­ivĀ­al 2006, our music was described as transcendental, [ā€¦]

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ComĀ­binĀ­ing jazz, Indian and Arabic Rhythms the music of Unfurl is informed by a desire to create meanĀ­ingĀ­ful work. Inspired by nature and Buddhist ideals, the music has been described as ā€˜tranĀ­scendĀ­entĀ­alā€™, ā€˜organĀ­icā€™ and ā€˜divineā€™ by critics.
Olivia Moore met perĀ­cusĀ­sionĀ­ist Adam Warne in 2003 while he was perĀ­formĀ­ing Leeds. Seeing his pasĀ­sionĀ­ate enthuĀ­siĀ­asm he instantly [ā€¦]

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