Olivia explores London!

OliviĀ­aā€™s having tons of fun in London meetĀ­ing new musiĀ­cians and visĀ­itĀ­ing new venues. She was delighted to work with ShirĀ­ley Smart (CelĀ­list) and Sharma Rahman (VocalĀ­ist, SitĀ­arĀ­ist) at the Manchester Jazz FestĀ­ivĀ­al 2016 (along with beat boxer Jason Singh) and hopes to work with them more in the future. Sheā€™s regĀ­uĀ­larly going to the SouthĀ­bank for help with her StandĀ­ardā€™s playĀ­ing from the esteemed Jazz Mentor Gary Crosby and is getĀ­ting out to some evenĀ­ing Jam sesĀ­sions too.

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