Brecon jazz festival


Unfurl com­bines Indian Ragas, con­tem­por­ary jazz and Arabic rhythms. With a finely-tuned bal­ance of tight arrange­ments and more expans­ive impro­vis­at­ory sec­tions, the group achieves a fluid­ity of play­ing that gives each per­form­ance a spon­taneity and fresh­ness of its own.

The musi­cians:

Olivia Moore — the bandlead­er stuns listen­ers with her free spirit and her pure and sub­lime tone on her violin.

James Faulkner — brings har­mon­ic depth and beauty with his guitar playing.

Gavin Barras — has a great com­mand of the double bass in con­tem­por­ary jazz.

Adam Warne — is a “drum wiz” [Songlines] on the exotic Egyp­tian riq and darbouka.

John Ball — brings extra colour and vibrancy with his Indian tabla and Santoor.

On August 8, 2010 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm 

At Brecon Cathed­ral, Brecon,

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