Olivia plays with Zen Bicycle band

What is The Zen Bicycle Band music? It’s a free­form flow­ing stream of con­nectiv­ity between three indi­vidu­al play­ers cre­ated entirely spon­tan­eous in a sim­il­ar manner to the Japan­ese art of cal­li­graphy ‘Direct Deed’ where after much med­it­a­tion and with one stroke of the brush ideo­grams are formed. In the case of the Zen Bicycle Band the ego nature of the per­formers is quietened, they con­nect with the audi­ence, in har­mony and dir­ectly to the source of ima­gin­a­tion and inspir­a­tion. Every per­form­ance is unique.

Whatever we might try to describe the music as being, then it is prob­ably what it isn’t… you are the ones to decide! 

The Play­ers:
Paul Cheneour: Flutes, Neys, Duduk & Siblisi.
Dave Robin­son: Mallet-Kat/­per­cus­sion.
Clive Fletch­er: Double Bass, EUB, & Bass Gtr.

On Decem­ber 5, 2011 12:00 am 

At Louis Arm­strong — 58 Maison Dieu Rd, Dover CT16 1RA

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