Unfurl at The Capstone theatre

Unfurl com­pris­ing


Olivia Moore / violin
Adam Warne / percussion
Jim Faulkner / guitar
Gavin Barras / bass
John Ball / percussion

A five piece band that com­bine Indian Ragas, con­tem­por­ary jazz, fla­menco and Arabic rhythms to create an uplift­ing fusion and an ori­gin­al sound, Unfurl have been enthu­si­ast­ic­ally received at Jazz fest­ivals and venues across the coun­try, includ­ing Manchester Jazz Fest­iv­al, Brecon Jazz Fest­iv­al and Birm­ing­ham Sym­phony Hall.

Tick­ets are now on sale priced £10 through Liv­er­pool Phil­har­mon­ic Hall Box Office, Hope Street Liv­er­pool. Tel: 0151 709 3789, or on-line through the above link or the direct box office link at: https://​box​of​fice​.liv​er​pool​phil​.com/​o​n​l​i​n​e​/​m​a​p​S​e​l​e​c​t​.​a​s​p​?​B​O​s​e​t​:​:​W​S​a​d​m​i​s​s​i​o​n​s​:​:​a​d​m​i​s​s​i​o​n​:​:​p​e​r​f​o​r​m​a​n​c​e​_​i​d​=​2​0​5​8​8​E​E​F​-​7​A​D​3​-​4​7​E​6​-​8​C​5​0​-​0​4​F​B​6​0​2​4​9​023

On Octo­ber 4, 2011 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm 

At Cap­stone Theatre, Liv­er­pool Hope Uni­ver­sity Cre­at­ive Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liv­er­pool L3 8QB. Tel: 07736 082978 or 0151 291 3419. www​.thecap​stonetheatre​.com

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