Unfurl at the Cinnamon Club

Olivia Moore- violins
Jim Faulkner- Elec­tric Guitar
Gavin Barras- Double Bass
John Ball- Tabla and Indian Santoor
Adam Warne- Egyp­tian Percussion

Unfurl’s music expands across con­tin­ents, com­bin­ing Indian ragas, fla­menco and Arabic
music with impro­visa­tion to create an ori­gin­al sound ran­ging from the dra­mat­ic to the

This group has a very per­son­al sound that is truly unique…each member brings a vast
array of global influ­ences to the table, but this is not world music or ethnic music; it is
simply music — a fusion in the truest sense. Enrich­ing and full of life.” Chris Ackerley

Unfurl, under Olivi­a’s gentle but determ­ined vision, has carved out an invit­ing, personal
sound that draws the listen­er in with its search­ing melod­ies and tum­bling rhythms. More
than simply a fusion of jazz, Indian and Arabic aes­thet­ics, Unfurl’s music is a genuine
expres­sion, show­ing how varied interests and inspir­a­tions can blend to result in a greater
whole: one that trans­ports the attent­ive listen­er to a place by turns del­ic­ate, mysterious
and moving.”
Steve Mead, Artist­ic Dir­ect­or, Manchester Jazz Festival.

Unfurl have been enthu­si­ast­ic­ally received at numer­ous Jazz fest­ivals across the country,
includ­ing Manchester, Marsden, Marl­bor­ough, Brecon, Gateshead and the London Jazz
Fest­iv­al as well as in numer­ous clubs and theatre venues across the country.

Olivia Moore is the band leader and inspir­a­tion behind Unfurl. She is an experienced
per­former, bring­ing her energy and sens­it­iv­ity to the band, ded­ic­ated to Jazz and Indian
clas­sic­al violin though she also draws her influ­ence from fla­menco, gypsy and folk music.

On March 26, 2015 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm 

At Cin­na­mon Club, The Bowdon Rooms, The Firs, Bowdon, Altrin­cham, Cheshire,WA14 2TQ

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