Unfurl at Zeffirellis

Olivia Moore- violin
James Faulkner- Elec­tric guitar
Gavin Barras- Double bass
John Ball- Indian san­toor and Tabla
Adam Warne- Egyp­tian Percussion

Unfurl have been enthu­si­ast­ic­ally received at numer­ous Jazz fest­ivals across the coun­try, includ­ing Manchester, Marsden, Marl­bor­ough, Brecon, Gateshead and London Jazz Fest­ivals as well as in numer­ous clubs and theatre venues across the country.
The aim of the band is to bring togeth­er all our indi­vidu­al influ­ences to create music which is entirely new, fresh, ori­gin­al and intriguing. At our last con­cert at Birm­ing­ham Sym­phony Hall in Decem­ber 2013, Tony Dudley-Evans classed us as being “Dif­fer­ent” and “Refresh­ing”

Unfurl Quotes

This group has a very per­son­al sound that is truly unique.….…each member brings a vast array of global influ­ences to the table, but this is not world music or ethnic music; it is simply music — a fusion in the truest sense. Enrich­ing and full of life.” Chris Ack­er­ley the​soun​dofnow​.com

Unfurl are a won­der­ful group of musi­cians who com­bine incred­ible music­al sub­tlety and refine­ment with a real sense of music­al adven­ture and explor­a­tion. Their per­form­ance at The Cap­stone in Octo­ber 2011 had me cap­tiv­ated.” Neil Camp­bell Cap­stone Theatre
A recent review by Mike Butler about our latest Album, Arcadia:
“Supple bass, slinky violin, intric­ate jazz guitar, deployed on uncom­monly melod­ic tunes, with the added exoti­cism of a tabla. The beauty of Unfurl is the way in which the band cre­ates a dis­tinct iden­tity from diverse cul­tur­al ref­er­ence-points. Some­times Olivia Moore’s violin prom­ises full gypsy aban­don­ment, or, altern­ately, it may adopt a keen­ing east­ern tone.  It’s char­ac­ter­ist­ic qual­ity is eleg­ance, mani­fest in the plan­gent ten­der­ness of tunes like her own ‘Other’. Gui­tar­ist Jim Faulkner provides coun­ter­point with dia­mond lines and fluid licks, and the rhythm team — Gavin Barras on upright bass, Adam Warne on per­cus­sion and John Ball on tabla and san­toor — provide a lux­uri­ous back­drop to the chief soloists. As we all know, the charms of Arca­dia are rari­fied and refined. It may be that the desire to retreat to Arca­dia is pure music­al escap­ism, and the memory of Arca­dia is as neb­u­lous as a dream. But, hey, it’s vasty enjoy­able while it lasts.” 

On July 19, 2014 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm 

At Cafe Bar, Zef­firelli’s, Ambleside, Cum­bria, UK.

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