M,C,F Trio

The Moore/Clark/Fairclough Trio.

Olivia Moore – Violin
Graham Clark- Violin/ Elec­tric Guitar
Pete Fair­clough – Percussion

This is a brand new pro­ject. We’ve been col­lab­or­at­ing on some com­pos­i­tions which include folk like motives, sec­tions of free impro­visa­tion and always focus­sing on the inter­ac­tion of the three instru­ment­al­ists. Graham is bring­ing a couple of approaches that he learnt in the band Gong, par­tic­u­larly David Allen’s glis­sando guitar. Olivia is focus­sing on the use of a loop pedal, for extra har­mon­ic and rhythmic con­text. Graham is using har­mon­iser and delay pedals for extra effects. Pete Fair­clough is bring­ing rhythmic interest and stability.

Graham Clarke is most known as a viol­in­ist in most styles of jazz, rock, blues and pop, he spe­cial­ises in impro­visa­tion. He was a member of the psy­che­del­ic band Gong. He has also worked with  Andy Shep­pard, Keith Tip­pett, Tim Richards, Phil Lee, Paz, Brian God­ding, Elbow, Lamb, Bryan Glancy, Little Spar­row, Jah Wobble, Graham Massey, Louis Gordon and Liz Fletcher.

Pete Fair­clough is a drummer/percussionist who teaches at Liv­er­pool Insti­tute of per­form­ing arts. He has pro­duced 5 CDs of his own. He has per­formed and/or recor­ded with Keith Tip­pett, Paul Dun­mall, Ute Lemper, Huw Warren, Peter Whyman, Steve Berry, John Harle, Kenny Davern, Peter King, The Matrix Ensemble, The Bournemouth Sin­foni­etta, The Mike West­brook Orches­tra and The Theatre Royal Com­pany (York).


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